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Most automobile enthusiasts are also memorabilia collectors. We can't seem to get enough literature, signs, model kits and miniature die cast cars. While many of us collect die cast cars produced in recent years, there are others who primarily concentrate on collecting vintage promotional models, or "promos". Promos are plastic 1/25th scale automobile models used by the manufacturers to promote the actual car. Unlike model kits that you assemble and paint, promos came in various colors, pre-assembled, did not have hoods that opened and did not have an engine. This was to reduce the cost of promos versus model kits.  Most promos have working front and rear axles allowing the car to roll.  Companies like Johan, MPC and AMT were awarded contracts by GM, Ford and Chrysler to produce these scale model cars.  Most of the promos produced in the 1950s do not have a detailed chassis or an interior, however by the 1960s most promos had interiors and a semi detailed molded chassis showing the frame, axle, exhaust and underside of the engine and transmission.  Promos were very popular during the 1950s and 1960s, but started to fade away in the late 1970s.  Around the mid to late 1970s, some promos were available only in a kit; this was primarily to keep the cost down.  Promos were mainly available through your local car dealership or through mail order at a cost of around $2.00 to $3.00 each.  Many times if you bought a new car, the dealership would give a promo away to the children of the car buyer.


Today most promos are highly sought after by memorabilia collectors.  Similar to a full size collector car, promos in mint condition that were produced in limited quantities, molded in a rare color and that come in their original box and wrapper can trade hands for several hundred of dollars.       


On these pages are a few examples of Pontiac promo models that were produced from the 1950s through the 1970s.



1955 Cheiftan

Bolero Red/Raven Black


1956 Cheiftan

Chesapeake Blue/Sun Beige


1958 Bonneville Convertible

Patina Ivory/Sunrise Coral


1958 Bonneville

Calypso Green/Greystone White


1959 Bonneville

Cameo Ivory/Sunrise Coral


1959 Catalina

Castle Blue


1961 Tempest and Bonneville

Coronado Red and Jadestone Green


1961 LeMans Convertible

Mayan Gold Metallic



1962 Tempest

Caravan Gold


1962 Catalina Convertible

Madalay Red


1963 LeMans Convertible

Marimba Red


1964 Bonneville

Singapore Gold


1964 Grand Prix

Nocturne Blue


1964 LeMans

Silvermist Grey


1964 LeMans Convertibles

Marimba Red

Saddle Bronze


1965 Bonneville

Iris Mist


1965 Bonneville Convertible

Mayfair Maize


1965 Grand Prix

Capri Gold


1966 GTO Convertible

Cameo Ivory


1967 GTO

Regimental Red


1967 GTO Convertible

Cameo Ivory


1968 Bonneville

April Gold


1968 Bonneville Convertible

Cameo Ivory


1968 Firebird

Meridian Turquoise


1968 GTOs

Night Shade

Flambeau Burgandy and  Cameo Ivory


1968 GTO Convertible

Mayfair Maize


1969 Bonnevilles

Matador Red


Warwick Blue


1969 Grand Prix'

Palladium Silver

Warwick Blue


1969 Firebird

Antique Gold


1969 Firebird Convertibles

Mayfair Maize

Carousel Red


1970 Bonnevilles

Sierra Yellow and Palisade Green


1970 GTO

Verdoro Green


1970 Formula 400's

Castillian Bronze

Lucerne Blue


1971 Grand Prix



1971 GTO

Canyon Copper


1971 Formulas

Castillian Bronze

Lucerne Blue

Cardinal Red


1972 Grand Prix



1972 GTO

Julep Green


1972 Formulas

Revere Silver

Cardinal Red

Cameo White


1973 Formulas

Buccaneer Red

Regatta Blue

Cameo White

Sunlight Yellow


1974 Formulas

Regatta Blue

Buccaneer Red

Carmel Beige


1975 Formulas

Buccaneer Red

Sunstorm Yellow

Sterling Silver


1975 Promo Box



1976 Formulas

Athena Blue

Carousel Red

Goldenrod Yellow


1976 Promo Box



1977 Trans Ams

Sterling Silver

Cameo White


1977 Promo Box



1978 Trans Ams

Starlight Black Special Edition



1978 Promo Box



1979 Trans Ams

Starlight Black/Silver Decals

Starlight Black/Red Decals


1979 Promo Box



1980 Trans Ams

Francisco Red


1980 Promo Box



"A" Body promo Collection


1965-1967 GTO Promo Collection


"B" Body Promo Collection


"F" Body Promo Collection


Do you you have a Pontiac Promo Collection you would like to share? If so contact us. If not, start your's today. Happy hunting!





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