Don Gay: A Photo Tribute

Story and Photos by John Chung



Pontiac fans lost a hero on June 30, 2007.  As a teenager, Don Gay began promoting Pontiac Performance on the drag strip in the 1960's and 1970's with his famous Infinity race cars.  In his later years, he was active in his family's automotive business, Gay Pontiac in Dickinson, Texas.  Don Gay was also a co-owner of Houston Raceway Park.  He also raced Pontiacs with his brother, Roy Gay. In the mid 1980's his son, Don Jr. also raced Pontiacs.


Below is a photo tribute to Don Gay 1947 - 2007



Don Gay's 1962 Catalina


The 62 Catalina in action


1966 GTO Funny Car "Infinity"


 Gay Pontiac in Dickinson Texas



"Infinity" thrilling the crowd with a wheelstand


Arnie Beswick's Gay Pontiac sponsored '63 Tempest

Gay Pontiac 1968 Firebird Funny Car

Gay Pontiac GTO

Gay Pontiac 1970 Trans Am

Gay Pontiac Dealer Emblem




















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