421 + 3 + (2+2)=Tons of Fun


In 1965 Pontiac was riding high with its success as a performance division, fueled by great sales of the GTO. However, Pontiac had certainly not forgotten how it became a performance moniker, which was due in large part to their ability to build, large, graceful performance cars. The 2+2, had debuted in 1964 as a performance coupe option for the Catalina. It's standard equipment included heavy duty springs and shocks, bucket seats, special door panels, special fender trim and 2+2 badges. Because it was a full size performance model, the 2+2 came standard with a 421 cubic inch high compression engine, available with a 4 barrel carb or tri power, with an HO version also available. While a 3 speed manual trans came standard, optional were 3 speed automatic or 4 speed manual transmissions.

65 2+2 Ad

In a 1965 Car and Driver Magazine road test, the 2+2 reached 60 mph from a standing start in only 3.9 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 13.8 seconds at 106 mph. Incredible for a car that size, then or now. Of course, the car had been prepped by Royal Pontiac so it was not "bone stock" but that fact did not stop Pontiac customers from rushing to get one. 2+2 sales went up 44% in 65 over 64 as Pontiac sold 11,521 2+2 models in the second year of production.

Photo from a 1965 Motor Trend road test

Our feature 2+2 is owned by prolific Pontiac collector "Bonneville" Joe Evans. This car was purchased new at Flowers Pontiac Cadillac in Galveston, Texas (this feature was also photographed in Galveston).  The original owner passed away in 2004 and his wife kept the car for 3 more years. With 44,000 original miles on the odometer, the original owner's widow sold the car to a broker, who sold the car to Joe. Joe sold the car to a friend. Joe's friend did a ground up restoration on the 2+2, changing the exterior color from white to 1965 Pontiac Blue Charcoal. The interior remains mostly original. During the tear down the car was found to be rust free. The car was originally equipped with 4 barrel carb, automatic, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Joe's friend added a correct 1965 Tri power set up and correct 8 lug wheels, shod with red line radial tires. He also added a correct power antenna and a reproduction wood steering wheel. The result is the stunning 65 2+2 you see here. With the restoration complete, Joe then bought the car back from his friend. So, Joe is both the third and fifth owner of this fine 2+2. Joe currently shows the car and it still has under 45,000 miles. Joe said that he took the car to the Russo and Steele auction in Arizona in 2009 where a severe storm blew down tents and damaged many of the collector cars that were for sale there. Fortunately the 2+2 was not damaged. Joe decided not to sell it at that time and brought the car back home to Texas. In this equation, 421 (cubic inches) + 3 (carbs) + (2+2) indeed equals tons of fun.




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